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Find the Missing Peace

The Buddhist Master Shantideva says: Although living beings wish to be free from suffering, They run straight towards the causes of suffering; And although they wish for happiness, Out of ignorance they destroy it like a foe. We think inner peace is something difficult to attain: but if we really wanted it, it would be […]

Dealing with distractions

We all like the idea of meditation, but the reality can be quite a different thing because all those pesky thoughts keep getting in the way of our nice calm mind. So what do we do about all the distractions? As with most things, it depends mainly on our determination. If we’re honest with ourselves, we […]

Six impossible things

Inspired by our Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, I decided to believe six ‘impossible’ things. There are many things I believe in now that would have seemed impossible to me before I discovered Buddha’s teachings, and still more things that it would be helpful to stretch my imagination around. For example, do you really believe it’s […]

Be mine

We grasp onto so many things as being ours, but are we correct in doing so, and what effect does it have on our minds? This possessiveness is an aspect of our attachment, which only ever functions to disturb our mind. Maybe we have a special coffee cup at work: how do we feel when […]

I am always right

Sometimes I take a step back and realize just how many of my problems are created by the conviction that I’m always right. I actually gave a friend some advice on parenting the other day. I have no children and am in fact completely hopeless with kids, yet I still thought my way was superior […]

A children’s play

This is a play, not a post. I wrote it for our Family Weekend, but I thought you might like it too. You can find the original story in Joyful Path of Good Fortune, on page 42.   The Story of Lam Chung Cast: Lam Chung Narrator / Buddha Teacher Lam Chen Farmer Lam Chung […]

Buddha thinks I’m awesome

This is a post for all those practitioners who tend to get discouraged and give themselves a hard time about not being good enough. I think if you have those tendencies, it’s very easy to practice incorrectly, especially when it comes to the teachings on abandoning self-cherishing. Yes, we try to be altruistic and think […]

Science & Religion

It seems like more and more people are viewing science as an alternative to religion, believing in the views of science because they are based on emperical evidence. Scientific knowledge is based on experiments, on seeing the same result produced again and again; but Buddhist practice is also emperical. In Modern Buddhism, Geshe-la says that […]


We’ve got a TTP exam on Monday, and I’m trying to cram my head full of facts this weekend. Dharma study involves lots of memorization. Memorization seems to have gone out of fashion – why learn stuff when you can just look it up on Wikipedia? That’s fine if you’re trying to finish a crossword, […]

All in the same boat

So, in my last post, I was telling you all to stay focused on a mind of love; pretty good general advice, I think. “Yes,” I hear you cry, “it may be a good idea, but how do I do it? People just wind me up!” That’s why I like Buddhism so much: Buddha doesn’t […]