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Waves of Wisdom

So, I realised that in order to promote a blog, it needs to have a name, so we present (ta-da) Dharmawaves. ‘Dharma’ means Buddha’s teachings, and our experience of those teachings, which protect us from suffering: The actual refuge is Dharma. As mentioned earlier, Dharma is Buddha’s teachings and our own inner experience of these […]

Dependency & Interdependence

We are so determined to be independent. When people try to help me, my instinct is to say ‘I’m fine; I can manage by myself.’ But it’s not true: I can’t. I can’t do anything by myself. I had my breakfast: I didn’t need anyone else to make it for me. Really? Did I make […]

Today will be a good day

Why was today a good day? Because lots of things went wrong, and that was fine by me. Normally, we tend to judge our day by external things – whether our plans worked out or went pear-shaped, whether we managed to avoid difficult situations or ended up in at the deep end. But from a […]

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness seems to be the new big thing, but although it’s popular it is also quite misunderstood. Essentially, mindfulness means staying focused on, or remembering, something. So the most important thing is choosing what to be mindful of. In Buddhist practice, we chose to focus our mindfulness on a virtuous object, a thought or feeling that […]


Hi, welcome to Nagarjuna Centre’s new blog. I’ll be writing about meditation, about Buddhist practice, and most importantly about how to stay happy in our daily lives. I might occasionally try to be funny; I hope you all survive that unscathed.