Have you ever watched a wasp eat? Their little bottoms wiggle up and down in happiness: it is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen.

The moral of this story is: everyone has good qualities.

If we chose to focus on good qualities instead of faults, we will keep a peaceful mind and create harmony in our relationships. Everyone has some good qualities: we just have to want to see them. Try to think objectivly about a person you don’t like, and I gaurantee you will be able to find some positives. Maybe they show kindness to their family; probably you can remember an instance where they helped you in some way too. Even if they do not seem to be manifesting any good qualities right now, remember that they do have the potential in their heart for love and compassion, and that by seeing that potential and treating them with kindness we are helping that potential to grow.

For example, whenever a wasp flies into my room, I remember those bouncy rear ends and I immediately go ‘ahhh’ instead of ‘arrgh!’ As a result, I very rarely get stung by wasps, because I don’t flap around and scare them; we can live in harmony. This is harder to do with people (because they have the annoying tendancy to answer back), but with practice we can learn to keep focused on the positive in all our relationships.

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