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So, I realised that in order to promote a blog, it needs to have a name, so we present (ta-da) Dharmawaves.

‘Dharma’ means Buddha’s teachings, and our experience of those teachings, which protect us from suffering:

The actual refuge is Dharma. As mentioned earlier, Dharma is Buddha’s teachings and our own inner experience of these teachings. It is our Dharma, our own spiritual realizations, that directly protects us from taking rebirth in the lower realms. How is this? The cause of lower rebirth is negative actions, which we commit because our mind is under the influence of delusions. By practising Buddha’s teachings, we become familiar with special, virtuous states of mind that are the direct opposite of these delusions. As our virtuous minds become more powerful, our delusions naturally become weaker. For example, as our experience of love increases, our hatred decreases, and as our ability to rejoice in others’ good fortune improves, our jealousy diminishes. As our negative minds become weaker, we stop committing the negative karma that causes us to take rebirth in the lower realms. This is how our inner experience of Dharma protects us from the danger of lower rebirth.

Introduction to Buddhism

Actually, Dharmawaves was the email address of an old friend of mind, and I thought it was really cool, so I nicked it – hope you don’t mind!

We’re now listed at: Meditation Blog Directory

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