Is brushing your teeth a training in meditation?

How brushing your teeth can help to reduce daily moaning and whinging. Don’t want to turn into a complainer and just can’t seem to stop yourself? Use our daily meditation tips to retrain yourself.

Don’t want to be Moaning Myrtle?

Fed up with hearing your own voice complaining about the weather, family or no toilet paper? When we are unhappy we can fall into a habit of moaning leaving a bad taste in our mouth and mind. People stop listening and don’t want to be near us.

Rather be Mr or Ms Happy!

On our good days we are kind, funny, great company. It is infectious, our friends and family want to be near, they listen and want to be a part of what we are doing.

Today’s Meditation Tip – How to use Brushing our teeth to reduce our moaning & complaining

We brush our teeth twice a day and it can be a mindless task. We can now use this time usefully to train in a meditation and mindfulness to maintain positive thoughts and speech.

1. Put the toothpaste on the brush and think of it as a special product to clean teeth and your mind

2. Whilst brushing your teeth imagine you are brushing away the negative speech of the day

3. Empty your mouth of dirty paste and negative speech seeing it all disappearing down the drain

4. Look at your clean teeth in the mirror, feel happy with your work and make a determination to reduce or stop your negative speech that day

5. Throughout the day each time you start to moan or complain try to remind yourself to stop

6. If you find you just couldn’t stop yourself, do not worry start again the next time you brush your teeth.

Try this for one week and see how you feel. Good luck!!