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‘Love everyone,’ we’re told. Easier said than done! But if we could learn to stop seeing faults in others, it would be easy to cherish them. Focusing on faults in others creates fault-lines in our relationships; too much pressure, and they can crack right open. In Eight Steps to Happiness, Geshe-la says: Unfortunately we have […]

The meaningful & the mundane

I think we all have a deep-seated craving to feel that our life has meaning – but what makes something meaningful? Nothing is meaningful from its own side: it all depends upon our motivation. You probably expect me to tell you that you should meditate to make your life meaningful – but without the right […]

Just a little problem

A friend said to me today, ‘Self-cherishing is just a little problem.’ I gaped at her in amazement, thinking, ‘My self-cherishing is pretty huge, actually!’ But then I let myself accept her view. Self-cherishing is a small problem; it’s only our self-cherishing that makes us think it’s so large. Let me explain: self-cherishing is our […]

Loving kindness

Love is kind: it is a mind that wishes happiness upon others. It is the great protector from suffering because when our mind is filled with love it is always at peace. There is a beautiful story from the life of Buddha Shakyamuni: when he is sitting under the bodhi tree striving for enlightenment, all […]

The eye of the storm: dealing with stress

Although modern life is full of stressful situations, we do not have to get sucked into the whirlwind. Instead of feeling frustration when we face difficulties, we can learn to cultivate a strong and stable mind that can respond to everything with equanimity: then we find ourselves in the eye of the storm. The chaos […]

Do you have a dirty mind?

While I was busy doing someone else’s washing up (ah, the joys of communal living), I gave a bit of thought to how the state of my mind was creating my world. I constantly perceive a dirty kitchen, but where does that dirt come from? Because our world, our self, our enjoyments and our activities […]

Is a change as good as a break?

Ah, a nice cup of tea and a chance to put my feet up – that’s better. Is it better? For how long? Before long I’ll need to get up and stretch my legs; then I’ll keep needing to pee because of all that tea I drank. So I nip to the loo and Ah! […]

The light of wisdom

Wisdom is our best friend, an inner voice that never leads us astray; and our best friend looks like this, the beautiful Wisdom Buddha Manjushri. Right from the first time we hear a Dharma teaching, we are being encouraged to develop our wisdom realising that happiness depends upon the mind. Gradually, this simple understanding develops […]

Emphasis on the inspiration

There are so many meditation practices, how do you decide where to place your emphasis? I’m not going to tell you. I can’t: it’s something you have to work out for yourself. To know what you need to be emphasising in your practice, you need to know your own mind. Geshe Chekhawa says ‘Purify your […]