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Retreat without retreating

January is traditionally Buddhist retreat season – it’s cold and dark outside, so we huddle up and get down to some serious meditation. During retreats, we retreat from the busyness of our normal lives, give ourselves a mental break by taking time out from our usual activities. So, this January, we’re moving house. So much […]

Here’s to us

New Year: a time of hopes and plans and wishes. We all make different wishes, but we are all wishing for the same thing: to be happy. We all make different resolutions, but our essential resolve is the same: to make things better. This year, let’s make those wishes count by multiplying them by all living […]

‘Tis the season to be jolly

It’s the season of goodwill, generosity, peace on Earth, all that lovely stuff: so why is it harder to love people at Christmas than at any other time of the year? When we get stressed, our mind fills up with mental noise and it’s hard to find space for other people in it. And Christmas […]

Anger Awareness Week

Today marks the beginning of Anger Awareness Week. We might think that anger is obvious, but the more aware we are then the more we can see negative thoughts right as they begin to develop, so that we can nip them in the bud. Normally, by the time we’ve spotted a delusion, we’ve built up […]

Dealing with conflict

When I was at infants school, there was a little boy in my class who persisted in screaming very loudly directly into my ear. A very literal cry for attention. Well, it worked – I still remember him now – but my memories are not exactly fond. Creating conflict may well make a lasting impression, but […]

Leave me in peace

Dealing with distractions. That’s the biggie. There are lots of tips I could give you about this topic, but the most important is: don’t give yourself a hard time. When we’re trying to concentrate, then it is inevitable that sometimes (approximately every two seconds, if you’re like me) distracting thoughts will come along. We want […]

Coping with change

Most of us get a bit anxious when things change. I thought this post seemed topical because, as you may know, Nagarjuna Centre has just bought a new building and is in the (rather drawn-out) process of moving home. This is a truly wonderful change… but sometimes even changes for the better can make us […]

Happy World Smile Day!

Atisha said, ‘Always keep a smiling face and a loving mind, and speak truthfully without malice.’ Today – World Smile Day – would be a good day to imagine what the world would be like if everybody could follow just this one simple piece of advice. Making an effort to smile naturally makes you feel […]

The Five Forces pt II: familiarity does not breed contempt

When you boil it right down, Dharma practice is basically about cultivating the same thoughts again and again until they become a habit. Simple, really. ‘Boring, really,’ might be your first thought – but if you find those thoughts inspiring (see the previous post for how to cultivate this) then it’s not boring at all. […]

The Five Forces: a motivational speech

The Five Forces give power to our spiritual practice and help us to integrate everything we learn into our daily life. This makes them especially important for us as modern Buddhists, because the real beauty of Kadampa practice is in unifying meditation and daily activities. We don’t need to set ourselves apart from the world in […]